10 most intimidating football stadiums world

The sole reason why Azteca “Football Stadium” has been awarded a higher position is the top ten is due to the fact that the stadium has successfully hosted two World Cups finals and is best known for them.

It holds 100,000 spectators and has a special place in Mexican football.

It has the capacity to carry approximately spectators.

Furthermore, this huge complex now also houses other facilities such as a swimming pool.

Some of the world’s greatest players have played here and added to the value of this beautiful stadium.

Initially known as the First National Bank Stadium, the Soccer City is located in Johannesburg and was built for the 2010 World Cup.

San Siro hosted the Champions League Final in 2002.

This one is made part of the top ten best football stadiums in the world mainly because it is home to the Liverpool FC and has an electric environment which everyone would love to experience.

Is it simply the atmosphere that it ignites on match day, the history of the stadium, the intimidating nature, the local fans, stadium capacity, features, the architecture and design or is it something more?

Personally we believe it is a mixture of all the above which makes up the ultimate rugby cauldron.

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