5 secrets to dating success

We just danced, laughed and drank all night,' she said.Now they're expecting their first child in early September 2019, with Steph currently in her second trimester.'Elliott proposed on the top of glasshouse mountain Mount Beerwah after we hiked together to the summit,' Steph said.'He dropped down on one knee and popped the question and I said yes (of course).'Steph said their wedding in October 2018 was a 'boho dream' with rugs and couches on the grass, a gourmet pizza truck, vintage caravan as a bar and a Brisbane rockabilly band.'It was a huge effort from our families and friends and it was truly a spectacular wedding.

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But the real proposal story started with a jigsaw puzzle.'He stayed for a week and we saw each other every day.A month later, he came back for another week and by then, I was hooked,' she said.'The defining moment for me that week was when we went on a romantic bushwalk and picnic and I got us lost.'Simon didn't get mad, and then he even saved me from a leech attack!Renee and Simon Nola Renee, 33, decided to join Tinder after she moved to Sydney with a former boyfriend and they eventually broke up.'I didn't know a lot of people or how to meet people other than through work,' she said.'I joined Tinder partly to heal my poor esteem post-break up and to fix my boredom, partly to see what kind of guys were out there in the wider community, and partly to meet new people.'Prior to this Renee had never been single for a long period of time as since she was 16 she has met future boyfriends through friends or on nights out and had a habit of long-term relationships.The 33-year-old went on approximately 10 Tinder dates before meeting her husband Simon.

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