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“It made people nervous that I didn’t go Norah Jones or Karen Carpenter,” she says.

“So, Bono rang Nellee and said: ‘My friend has written what I think are great songs.

You could make a great record.’ Bono set up that meeting, which I probably would not have got.” Bono and Gavin, she adds, were crucial to her for the project.

“My life, just when it’s going well, I smash it all to pieces,” she melancholises like a Gaelic Bessie Smith on The Stupidest Girl In The World, a song she wrote three years ago. “As soon as things are smooth, you do something to mess it up yourself.” Is that a fear of a relationship not working so you destroy it? It was a grand performance by one of our national treasures.

“It is what everybody does,” the vibrant young chanteuse ventures an explanation. “I don’t know because I don’t analyse it too much,” she says, playing with her famous raven hair, “but I think everybody has ended up in situations where they’ve thought, ‘Jesus, how am I possibly back here again? Andrea Jane Corr was seven years of age when she gave her first public performance: in a school production of The Princess . In rehearsal, Andrea's teacher, Elizabeth O'Donoghue, took her aside because the little girl who would one day be one of the biggest stars in global pop was scared.

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