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There was a scattered tuna in the fleet but we didn’t get lucky enough to catch one.

We continued to troll on till late this afternoon we caught a sailfish. We had a bunch of bites but didn’t come up with much. We set out this morning and 5 mins later a blue marlin pops out our left flat.

It was a good day though I will take 7 40 pound tuna any day. We set out this morning looking for tuna or a marlin. We didn’t fish long before we hung our first marlin a white.

Caught him and a little bit later caught a 40# tuna.

After that little bit of tuna action it pretty much rapped up our day. We caught 3 white marlin, 1 sailfish, and 4 tuna all about 40#. We set out for a tuna this morning but today was a little different then it was yesterday morning.

Looks like the weather will be the same in the morning so hopefully the fishing will be the same. A few boats had bites first thing but we didn’t get that lucky. We finally caught a tuna then a wahoo and ended our day with a sailfish. Today we had a little more action than we did yesterday.

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We trolled around for a couple hours with no bites the rest of the fleet had the same trend. It all happened towards the end the day and it seemed to happen all the same time. We set out this morning with the fleet and about 20 mins later we had our first tuna in the boat about a 40 pounder.

We circled around for a while longer maybe an hour or a little less and we hung 4 more and caught all of them. Things kinda fell off for a bit but we continued to circle around looking for another bite. We looked for the rest of the day catching one more some time after lunch.

We trolled for the rest of the morning and caught 1 out of 2 sails and another white. We trolled for a long time without a bite until we seeing the tunas jumping.

We got lined up and had a really good pass catching 3 out of 5 bites.

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