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It must be remembered that it was not the Apostles who began the ‘mystery’ of a human sacrifice whose shed blood was a washing of regeneration for the forgiveness of man’s sins.It was not the chosen twelve of Jesus who made him a ‘sin-eater’, or a ‘scapegoat’, nor his death the center of Christian doctrine.Paul was assured that it was imminent, that it would happen in his lifetime; surely it would come before his death. Modern evangelists said that he had misinterpreted Jesus’ words and the signs of the time.The early church waited for the return of Jesus, and the coming of God’s kingdom.It is a statement of wisdom, and should be followed in the research of any uncertain situation.“…test the crucial question by putting together other incidents relating to the affair and you will arrive at the truth.” (The Holy Qur’an; Surah ) And there is much to examine, starting with Jesus’ arrest, his ‘mock’ trial before part of the membership of the Sanhedrin, his meeting with Herod, the public trial conducted by Pontius Pilate, and the crucifixion.And to many congregations today within the various sects of Christianity, Jesus has become the ‘one god’.They are ignorant of the Christ’s warnings against such a belief and the consequences that it will bring.

The Apostles expected it momentarily, and when their master was no longer with them, they ‘knew’ it was upon them. Modern evangelists said that they had misinterpreted Jesus’ words and the signs of the time.

Was it done with purpose, or is it merely another ecclesiastic error with which the New Testament abounds?

And there are several very important clues given to us by the Bible itself, including the formula for calculating Easter Sunday, and the practices of the Jerusalem Church.

Future evangelists may say that it has misinterpreted Jesus’ words and the signs of the time, only now, there is a vast difference in who and what, it is waiting for.

Aware of his possible fate, now becoming more of a probability, Jesus fell silent.

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