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Romance is a leading authority on fake profiles, legit dating sites, and online dating safety, and its virtual assistance can help newcomers to the online dating scene build authentic relationships.“Romance scams have significantly increased due to the advent of readily available technology,” said Jack A., a spokesperson for Romance That’s what we do.” Romance publishes informational articles regarding romance scams, dating sites, and online safety tips.These industry experts have decided that the best way to ensure that people don’t become the victim of a scam is by teaching them how to recognize and avoid scams. Romance shines a light on the shady parts of the web and gives everyday users the tools to succeed.These dating experts urge users to stay alert and be cautious whenever they meet someone online.The website tackles each subject with the goal of answering every possible question users may have.

Romance offers simple and practical advice for online daters while also linking to resources such as Scam Watch to ensure today’s singles stay informed and alert.The ultimate goal of the website is to arm online daters with the information they need to confidently filter their matches and make genuine connections on any dating platform.“It makes a world of difference when our information assist others,” Jack said. We hope to continue doing this for years to come.” A small team of volunteers and on-staff writers powers the content on Romance They dedicate their time to thoroughly investigating the online dating scene and vetting popular sites and apps, so they can competently sort the legit resources from the spammy click bait.Chelsea told us that some of Romance’s team, including the Chief Editor, have been scammed in the past and feel passionately about making online dating safer for everyone.

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