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However, the Acapulco event has been deemed “unof¬ ficial” by ILGA officers in Eu¬ rope, meaning that “constitu¬ tional matters such as elec¬ tions or ratification of new members” will have to wait until the 1992 conference in Paris.

ILGA said so few of its members could afford last- minute transportation to Aca¬ pulco that it would be unfair to grant the small number of participants the power to set the organization’s course for the next year.

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Assemblymem- ber Teresa Hughes (D-Los Angeles) was nowhere to be Bashing Victim Files Million Lawsuit Accused Assailant Held at Juvenile Hall by Keith Clark The San Jose gay man whose brutal beating was cap¬ tured on videotape has filed a million lawsuit against the accused assailant and his family.

Meanwhile, Judge Thomas Edwards ordered the 17-year- old accused attacker held by authorities at Juvenile Hall (Continued on page 22) found. A Good-Looking Smile Can He Your Calling Card To Success — Let It Open Your Doors Insurance and MC/Visa Accepted 9 8 6 - 4 5 3 4 4 9 0 POST ST AT UNION SQUARE SUIT E 520 SAN FRANCISCO PROJECT INFORM m * M&'T O© mm USSi HIV Town First & Last Wednesdays MCC Church, 150 Eureka, PM ORIENTATION: Personal treatment planning with Forefront Medicine - ddl, Compound Q, AZT.

According to one source, “The bill’s author, Terry Friedman, Vasconcellos and John Burton are real heroes. UPDATE: Recent treatment developments and breakthroughs. HOTLINE: 558 *0051 SEWER & DRAIN CLEANING PLUMBING SERVICE AND REPAIR 495 - IMMEDIATE 7 DAY 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Arlo Smith Challenges Sheldon's Anti-Gay Initiative by Nancy Boutilier District Attorney Arlo Smith called the constitution¬ al initiative filed by the Rev.

Committee Chair John Vasconcellos (D-San Jose), in¬ toning like an auctioneer, ran through the bills at a rapid pace.

When AB 101 came up As- semblymember William Bak¬ er (R-Walnut Creek), playing for the cameras, said, “Aren’t we even going to discuss this?

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