Best friends now dating

But we were never lonely and never afraid when we were together.” Hemingway from A Farewell to Arms.If you've used the phrase "Oh, he's just my friend!

" you might claim, as you prepare a list of romantic laments that you plan on sharing with your bestie during your daily call time.We became best friends in college, but never dated. Realized she was the one I was supposed to be with. On the flip side, the best friend aspect of the equation is a small issue later. My wife and I were very good friends for about 7 years before we started dating. We have two great kids, we share the same basic opinions on how to raise them, as well as both being similar in our spending habits/goals (the two areas of biggest struggle in marriages that we've seen).Your best friend is also scared about this possibility, but you know what? Knowing that this relationship will probably move much more quickly than the guy you successfully swiped on Tinder is a reality that both of you will face, but if you both agree to take the steps, you're both (as Luke Danes might say) "all in."And, hey — It could also end up being a Jerry and Elaine situation, which would also turn out pretty amazingly.Unless you just met him and bonded instantly, he's probably seen — or at least heard about — your dating disasters of the past. You've probably heard about how his last girlfriend was possessive, or needy, or crazy, or in a secret cult, or all of the above.

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