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First and foremost is the new information that has come to light in the Natalee Holloway case. The only thing the Netherlands is more infamous for than its drug policy and quality XTC – Joran van der Sloot!

For those of you that understand Dutch, this is a real classic.

Tonight KRO’s Brandpunt Reporter will be discussing a number of different theories that they feel have not had enough attention previously.

Three to be precise, and surprisingly only one of them includes Joran van der Sloot as a suspect.

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The Mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan has acknowledged that there are a number of Amsterdammers who are very much opposed to Zwarte Piet in his current form and wants to sit down with them and attempt to come to a solution that all parties find acceptable.It leaves open the possibility that he indeed left her passed out on the beach, she woke and up and managed to make it back to her hotel room, only to leave again. Currently however, we have no idea because her roommates were never questioned about it by the Aruban police or the FBI.One alternative theory is that she was assaulted by a local DJ who has given some very incriminating statements about the events of that night and his whereabouts.At the exact spot Joran claims to have left Natalee on the beach, at around the same time, another girl was assaulted by a man who she says tried to drag her into a car and abduct her.Luckily she managed to get away, and the police arrested the man in connection to this.

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