Book dating guest sign

If you didn’t do an engagement shoot, use your favorite photos taken by you and friends while you were dating.With plenty of pages dedicated to sentimental notes and well wishes, this photo book is a perfect way to commemorate your special day.While a classic and traditional wedding guest book serves the purpose of archiving the guests in attendance, we’ve found that it can be presented as something so much more than just a pen and paper.Much like coming up with a theme for the wedding, personalizing these details can make your day extra special and be enjoyed for years to come.

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Take a look at this quilt guest book idea if you’re looking for a warm way to keep memories of your special day, no matter how many guests you have in attendance.The wine inside the box was intended to be opened on your one-year wedding anniversary.A quality wooden wine box will last for many years and can later be used as a place to hold photos, jewelry and other special items.Any wedding near the ocean or with a coastal theme can use this oar guestbook idea.Using permanent markers, guests can leave their signatures and well wishes.

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