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And honestly, it proved more difficult that we ever imagined. And before you panic about not every winning team being feature, just know that we tried our best.

Sometimes, some people just don't want to be found.'s first million-dollar prize winners.

The only weakness he has is that he's a loose cannon, but you get used to that." Going into the Race, Chris and Alex speculate about how the experience might affect their relationship.

"Since day one we were like brothers," says Chris, "and even an amazing experience like THE AMAZING RACE wouldn't change us being like family." Alex agrees: "Chris and I have stayed friends through thick and thin.

After running the race, they began touring as motivational speakers available to "energize and inspire your company to win together as a team," per their Linked In page.

These two engaged models weren't exactly fan favorites after Kendra's insensitive comments about the Senegalese people, but they won nevertheless.Nothing, not even this Race, would affect things between us.No matter if Chris makes a good or bad decision on the road, I will back him 100%." Chris & Alex incurred a retroactive 42-minute penalty for speeding.Chris and Alex met on the school bus heading for their first day of kindergarten, and have been friends ever since.They've traveled extensively together, logging "about a million miles on road trips." According to Alex, "The best thing about traveling with Chris is that he is just as crazy as I am." Chris counters with his own assessment: "The best aspects of traveling with Alex are his extensive travel experience and his uncanny ability to get us into some very interesting situations.

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