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To cheer him up, Maddie arranges a plan for Arwin to pretend to be a thief and let Esteban defeat him.

Things go wrong when Arwin forgets about the plan and Esteban must fight a real thief instead.

Note: The waiter that said "Third door on the left" was also in the episode Shipnotized on Suite Life on Deck.

Guest stars: Richard Gleason as Maurice, Katelyn Pippy as Jolie, Adrian R'Mante as Esteban Ramirez, Brian Stepanek as Arwin Hawkhauser, Charlie Stewart as Bob Maddie requires Zack and Cody's help to run a day care center. Moseby and Carey to yoga lessons, but when London doesn't like the yoga teacher, she decides to be the teacher.

However, Bob, who speaks fluent French, gets Jolie at the end.

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They conclude that a Texan cowboy is actually Burnaise and Mr.

A one-hour special episode titled "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood" is also apart of this season.

The theme song is the same as in the first season with the opening sequence replacing a few scenes from season one with scenes from season two.

What they don't know is that although the cowboy is impressed with his meal, he is actually not the real food critic, who suddenly appears to give the Tipton another chance when he realizes the situation and the struggle to serve the cowboy.

Chef Paolo then decides to go back to work at the Tipton, where his being in charge assures that the Tipton will get good reviews. The boys sneak Tippy into the hotel and have him stay with Arwin, but then Tippy escapes so the boys look all around the hotel. Roberts as Henry, Brian Stepanek as Arwin Zack and Cody make a hole in a wall, and Arwin helps them fix it.

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