Cannabis dating canada

This will lead to a massive increase in the value of cannabis-related shares on the global markets.

During the last month, share value grew by 60%, alluring even big names like Corona, the Mexican beer giant, to invest 4 billion dollars in medicinal cannabis.

All this simply means major growth in the related companies stock prices!

So, are you still wondering if you should be investing in cannabis stocks? Cannabis-related products are endless which means the investment opportunities are endless!

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With an outrageous growth trend of over 10 times higher than that of companies such as Amazon and Apple, the investment made by Corona can now yield investors as much as 80 million dollars.In comparison, this growth is ten times higher than the growth in tech giants, such as Apple, Facebook and Amazon.Join now To top it off, this growth trend isn’t expected to slow down any time soon, and according to analysts, the legal cannabis market will be valued at over 0 billion within the next seven years.Experts expect this industry to reach million in sales by 2030.Besides beverages, other cannabis-related products include beauty products, dog treats, cannabis oil, and even cannabis chocolates!

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