Caucasian vegetarian dating site only

I am also hoping to retire very soon, maybe even by year's end, 2019. I'm an emotionally and behaviorally balanced, mature, witty, interesting and curious person.

My serious side also involves maintaining my health. I'm thoughtful and kind and am often moved by people's difficulties. I'm also consistent and try to view other's actions (as best as I can) from their point of view.

Prevention and acquiring good habits are the keys to a vital and long life. My interests include reading, exercising, walking in cities, travel, coffee shops, cooking, world cinema, classical music I am a vegetarian Because I pity the animals that don't want to see him suffering. And it makes me healthy and not sick easily I do everything by myself I know saving. On holidays, I like to stay home, learn health on website, exercise , go to gym and also the days of my marketing to prepare food for self-catering at home and at work I like to drink fruit and vegetable juice before go to work.

Or maybe you think Asian ladies from the Philippines or China are unparalleled in beauty. If you have a love for Latin culture and especially Latin ladies, visit the profiles of our ladies from Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica to start your journey to find your special someone.

Or if you can't decide, then write a variety of foreign women and see what happens.

I work hard, meditate on a daily basis, and practice yoga and personal development. I stay fit through karate and Tai Chi, among other activities.

For fun I founded a 501c3 nonprofit organization to help my homeless friends and eventually dissolved said non profit due to my strong dislike towards political bureaucracy. I enjoy a variety of activities and am always open to new adventures.

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