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End Edit() End While End With grddetails is the name of grid, m_Bindingsrc Detail is datasource for grd Details According to This , You should be able to force the validation trigger using Begin Edit and End Edit. I am fetching Product description, MRP and other details in cell validating.

I'm using a Data Grid View in my Win Forms application. Process Dialog Key(key Data) End Function No, but you can manually fire the Cell Validating event. All events are is a class using the Observer Pattern, they're no different than any other method.

Previously i was having a problem when the user click on the Combo Box but doesn't click the mouse so the Combo Box change commited event doesn't run therefore not getting the row, somebody replied on this forum to say i should declare and put a Combo Box On Drop Down event handler which i put and successfully do it.

Still if the user doesn't event click on the first cell which has this combo Box it doesn't really restrict it.

Hi Ruth Goldberg, Thank you for the additional details.

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I still want the enter key to validate and end edit mode.

Ken's code for e.formatted value does work but only in case of first and single row.

If i have more then one row and the user click on any other column in newly generated row it won't work as the validating event doesn't fire. Hey , I understand that help never comes when most required, but were you able to find a solution to this I have a similar problem in which I have two combobox columns in my datagridview.

Currently, I'm just manually calling my validation logic before I call End Edit, but it seems like I'm missing something.

I guess I could call On Cell Validating, but then I'd be worried I'm missing some other event. Keys) As Boolean Dim key As Keys = (key Data And Keys.

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