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However, the Query Cache still does some work before finding out that query_cache_size is 0 and returning.For example, Query Cache::invalidate() builds up a list of tables used, and calls Query Cache::invalidate_table().este un site pentru anunţuri matrimoniale absolut gratuit.Puteţi să vă postaţi profilul, să căutaţi, să expediaţi şi să primiţi mesaje în mod gratuit, serviciile noastre sunt absolut gratuite. Yes, it is “fun”, but a marriage divided by a common language is a lot of other things, too.It doesn’t matter if he is a lifelong city boy, give an Englishman a little bit of farmland and the first thing he thinks about aren’t horses or chickens, but pigs.Yes, I’ve done my fieldwork; I’ve earned my degree.I’ve been married to the most English-y of Englishmen for more than 25 years.

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Because her shoes were run down at the heels and Hercule Poirot explained that “an Englishwoman might be dressed in rags, but she will always be well shod”.Query Cache::invalidate_table locks the query cache, invalidates the QC if query_cache_size 0, unlocks QC and returns.The current code actually locks/unlocks the query_cache lock twice when the query_cache_size is zero!In fact, with RBR there is a binlog event for each modified row, thus the mutex is acquired for every row.Description: Since the Query cache hurts some workloads, we turn if off by setting query_cache_size=0.

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