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You may see someone in your workplace or towns [and you] think, “He might be gay, but he has a wife and kids.” The head-scratcher guys and gals that you just think, “Something doesn’t seem right.” Well, perhaps they are doing what I did because they are so terrified of not being able to fit in and being rejected by the community or their workplace. The men that I dated didn’t know that I was gay and it was excruciatingly difficult on me and it was very confusing for them.I know that now it probably makes a whole lot more sense to them. Frankel: What made you come out this year, in 2010Wright: I hit my rock bottom in early 2006."My dating men was my giving it a Hail Mary toward normal," she says."I ultimately just confused the heck out of them because I couldn't love them the way they loved me." Chely says she has many regrets about the way she treated these men, particularly Brad Paisley.In Your name I pray, amen.” And the minute I said amen, I knew I had gotten an answer to my prayer.I didn’t hear a big booming voice and I didn’t see a guy in a big flowing robe, but I did get a message from God.

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Perhaps you know someone who has done this, but no one knew I was in crisis. I didn’t know if I could go downstairs and not pull that trigger, and I got on my knees and I prayed.

I am so proud of the work that organization has done and that I am able to align with them.

We are launching a Safe Space Campaign and I encourage everyone to log on to pay , just , and send this Safe Space kit to the school you attended or a school you care about.

The prayer I had always prayed to God my entire career was “Dear God, help me find a way to keep my secret and continue to hide and have everything I have always had.” But on that day, I prayed a very different prayer.

I said, “Dear God, please give me a moment’s peace.

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