Consolidating school districts illinois

Even if there are many administrators who make more than the Governor, they will not be the only layoffs to occur as a result of consolidation.The economic impact to local communities from this lost revenue is another blow to economies already hard hit.Parental involvement is much greater for smaller schools than for larger schools.This factor is picked up on by children who value education higher when they see their parents taking a personal interest in it.

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This might include building a new school for two districts that merge, or paying off the debt of a school to make it more attractive as a merger partner.Of the 12 government consolidation recommendations included in the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force report, five have been fully or partially implemented through State legislation.Four of the five implemented consolidation initiatives were part of Senate Bill 3, a township consolidation bill sponsored by Senator Tom Cullerton in the Senate and Representative Sam Yingling in the House during the 100th General Assembly.The New Rules Project has documented advantages of small schools, including improved dropout rates, higher grades and higher rates of college attendance.The “cost savings” of larger schools are only apparent if the results are ignored.

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