Counter cache not updating

This is the live tile: And here, you can see that I don't have any unread emails: So what's going on? So, I have connected my MS account, the one I use for Win 10, to the Mail application, and have set it to be my Default Mail app. For some reason not all my apps are updating live like they should be.

Like my cnn app; and the sports app that came with 10 already installed as well as the money app and Im sure there are some others Im missing right now. I'm a bit slow jumping on the Insider Preview bandwagon, and as 10 is literally around the corner I thought I'd better get some practice in so I've only just installed Windows 10 for the first time today.

The second client would handle the version conflict and increase the counter by one on the second try and the result would be correct.

All other shared mailboxes for other users worked correctly.

All users are running Outlook 2013 32bit with all latest patches at the time of this writing.

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