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The list of alternatives is curated and maintained by the mods of /r/sexwork to help personals refugees find new homes.We are pretty quick to add new alternatives, but if you see one not on the list please mention it in the comments section of the home page.After you visit the site you will be prompted to put in your email and phone number so they can verify your identity (and track you), this makes them SESTA compliant and a legal alternative to craigslist personals.The company of 200 employees is mostly dedicated to removing spam and ads for underage sex.

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https://Site came out a few days ago and is pretty much blank. This website is a resource created after the shutdown of CL Personals in April.You just pick a section and browse for what you are looking for.You can read my In my experience, bedpage is not nearly as good as doublelist, and i'd only recommend trying it if you feel stuck with doublelist.They exist to connect sex workers with new clients.The best site for this so far is, which was created by sex workers, for sex workers.

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    The main advantage of a fixed Vo IP service is that the phone number is associated with a fixed physical address.