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Thank you, J x"I want to find a partner who likes going to swinging clubs and wants threesomes and wants to experiment.They would need to be OK with me potentially exploring the Hot Wife scenario aswell...

Crewe can't afford to pay out themselves and would go bankrupt so they are forced to make the public statements that their insurers tell them to make or else they'll lose their cover and face certain bankruptcy.But the more Crewe deny it the more if it was me I would want take them for every penny they had Wouldn’t it just be easier for them admit they had a scumbag work for them who used their name and reputation for his gains in abusing children and they are disgusted that the club did not act in the children in their academies best interests under previous management and chief executives.I think a bit more respect and sympathy for Crewe as a football club would come their way, as it is with the stance they are taking and the belief that they are absent of blame I don’t think I’m alone in saying I hope they are taken to court by the victims sued for record damages and have to fold as a football club 🖕to them."Hi Admin, Daily I see "Dating" posts in the "The Lounge" Message Boards.Thank you, J x""Hi Admin, Daily I see "Dating" posts in the "The Lounge" Message Boards.

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