Crown canning jars dating

I recently managed to dig out a couple of Drey brand jars from several boxes of used mixed contemporary jars and purchased them for a quarter each.

They often are offered for to each if sorted by dealers first.

The bands and lids usually come with new jars, but they are also sold separately.

While the bands are reusable, the lids are intended for single use when canning. brands of Mason jars are Ball, Kerr, and Golden Harvest.

Largely supplanted by other products and methods for commercial canning, such as tin cans and plastic containers, glass jars and metal lids are still commonly used in home canning. They are also produced in a variety of volumes, including cup (half-pint), pint, quart, and half-gallon. Jarden Corporation, based in Boca Raton, Florida, In home canning, food is packed into the mason jar, leaving some empty "head space" between the level of food and the top of the jar.

There are square ones and amethyst or amber ones, and red ones – for budgets much larger than mine will ever be.Chef Nicholas Appert, whose background included both pickling and brewing, won the prize by developing a method of heating food in glass containers and sealing them with pitch.In 1810 an Englishman named Peter Durance invented a method to use metal containers to preserve food.If you keep your eyes open and get lucky you can build an interesting collection of canning jars for modest prices.Or, if you have money to spare, you can spend as much as 00 on rare ones that I have seen listed in the price book.

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