Dating a close family friend

If and when you spend the night together for the first time, news spreads across your networks as if somebody blasted it in the morning newsletter.All of your family members are making sly little innuendos about where you were last night.When your families know one another, everybody has a lot of stock in every conversation about your relationship.Your family is keeping mental storyboards of your relationship, keeping track of evidence that the relationship is going well.You’re each surrounded by moms and aunts and godparents, offering advice on how to fix the fight almost like generals offering war tactics.

I dated my bf for about 7 months before he introduced me to anyone.

If your boyfriend is seen out with another female—even if it’s just a friend or colleague—your families get on the case of investigating it.

They may even approach your boyfriend and his female friend, and mention While in the past, it was a huge deal to bring a boyfriend on family trip or home for the holidays, your mom just informs you that she has already booked a ticket for your boyfriend and ordered the beer he likes for Christmas dinner.

They’ve always invited him, so why should that change now? He’s brought every previous girlfriend to family functions throughout your life.

It makes you feel like you have a weird insight into his ways that you shouldn’t.

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