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The photo shows the various shades of amber that occur naturally, with the repro in the middle: a Macon GA S-S.

There are no natural amber S-S bottles from Macon GA.

According to the Petretti book on Coke bottles, the repro labels have even/straight/uniform lines while the originals had uneven/dotted lines.

By 1917 Cokes started being produced in the familiar hobble-skirt shape which is still used today.

Rare Hutchinson Bottles The toughest bottles to collect are the early Hutchinson bottles, the first bottles for ®, which were used from the mid 1890s to the early years of the 20th Century.

Because they were in the market for a limited period of time, they're hard to find. Petretti's guide lists a Hutchinson bottle with a script-lettered logo ranging from ,500 to ,000. There are only a dozen or so varieties of Hutchinson bottles from a few towns in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi.

They're often disappointed to learn that even the earliest of the contour bottles are not terribly valuable because the bottles were produced in the millions.

The standardized contour bottle was patented in late 1915 and became more prevalent as bottlers phased out the straight-sided bottles that preceded the famous design.

Flavor Bottles Before The Company created a line of flavored drinks, most of the bottlers created their own brands, with orange, root beer, strawberry, grape and fruit-flavored drinks.

The very first Coke bottles were Hutchinson style bottles - these are extremely rare and date before 1900.

Straight-sided (S-S) Coke bottles with crown tops date about 1900-1919; colors were clear, aqua, green, blue, and amber with amber bottles in good condition typically bringing the highest prices.

(11th Edition) lists a 1916 embossed contour bottle that sells for just to .

To a novice collector, it's almost a case of reverse sticker shock. Because the embossed contour bottles were mass produced, exceptionally durable and available for more than 40 years, they generally have modest values as collectibles.

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