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An Office of Vital Records may waive the requirement for authenticated documents if there is an almost insurmountable obstacle to obtain them (§ 6 par. The interpreter should be brought by one of the fiancés who will also cover the relevant costs.

In such cases the marriage cannot be contracted without the presence of an interpreter.

A joint declaration of consent is made publicly during the wedding ceremony in the presence of two witnesses.

Offices of Vital Records (‘matriční úřad’) require documents through which the fiancés can prove legal competence to enter into marriage.

President Miloš Zeman on Tuesday appointed Lubomír Zaorálek to the post of culture minister, ending a drawn-out dispute over who should manage the arts portfolio.

The seasoned Social Democrat, who has previously served as the country’s foreign minister, stressed the need to recognize the huge potential of the arts sphere and…

The documents to be submitted are stipulated by Act No. on Offices of Vital Records, Names and Surnames (pdf, 452 k B) and on the Amendment to Some Other Related Acts, as amended.

Submitted documents must satisfy the prerequisites of public deeds.

” In a time of dating websites, video calls, and free dating apps, the link between romance and cybercrime has now become apparent as ever.If they are issued by foreign authorities they must be furnished with the required authenticated documents (superlegalization, Apostille) unless an international agreement stipulates otherwise.Such authenticated documents must be officially translated into the Czech language.The country’s ambassadors around the world should be proud of the Czech Republic and talk up its achievements.That was the message from Andrej Babiš to Czech diplomats currently gathered in Prague.

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