Dating cops bad idea

A community rightly holds its police to a high ethical standard, and bad cops make headlines when they do bad things.

They make the good, honest, hard-working police officers look bad, too.

The problem is that a police car with lights and sirens is probably trying to get somewhere as quickly as possible.

You create one more obstacle and one more thing the officer has to respond to when you slam on your brakes.

They know how to handle the bad guy, but there's not much they can do to stop an inattentive, impaired, or otherwise bad driver who's cruising full-throttle down the interstate.

A car can take out a patrol car on a traffic stop or a crash scene if it drifts a little too far to the left or the right—or, worse yet, it can take out an officer on the side of the road.

Remembering to move over forces drivers to pay better attention, and it prevents police officers from getting hurt or killed.

Most police officers choose this career because they want to help people and protect those who can't help themselves.That's why it's often so difficult for them to respond to domestic violence calls.Most recruits are taught in the police academy that these calls are among the most dangerous."First off, yes, officers are funded by taxpayer dollars.They're paid a salary is because the public has entrusted them with the authority to protect them and to enforce the laws.

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