Dating day game

Depending on the circumstances, there may be some future updates with music, sounds, longer conversations, more choices, more endings, as well as more Keanus. You can leave suggestions or requests in the comments or in the discord server! On your way home from an out of town business trip, your car breaks down in a strange town filled with men that look nearly identical to each other. If you have any recommendations, let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate them!Will you find help and get out of down, or does your destiny have something different in mind? Join my discord server to get updates on this game and the future games I work on!

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If, however, you have burning questions for me you would like to see made into a youtube video regarding daygame, dating, masculinity or travel then the PLATINUM TUSK Tier is for you.

I will create one infield video per month for you of your choosing and upload it to my youtube dedicated to you.

So here are some things you might expect from this game! -The 9 different endings, including a hidden true ending. -Some stupid jokes and bad editing half as a meme and half because it was rushed.

-Spoilers for some of Keanu’s movies; many of these characters are based off of his films, so you may encounter some spoilers! I recommend playing this game with friends or on stream so that you can get extra laughs from jokes from your friends, as I did. I did not use any music or sounds in this game this time around.

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