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This resulted in lower collagen yields for the poorly preserved bones and in the case of R-EVA 548, the yield of these extracts was so low that the extracts were affected by C contamination to a large extent.

During the gelatinisation stage (step 3), the collagen yield was higher from aliquots which were removed from the heater block as soon as solubilisation had occurred compared to those left on the heater block for 20 h as per our standard protocol for C dating (Supplementary Dataset S1).

They will open the programme of the last competition day at Ondrej Nepela Ice Arena Ankara, Turkey, August 31, 2019.

80–90 μg C was measured over the duration of three targets to increase precision (see Supplementary Dataset S2).In the 1960s and 1970s, gas proportional counters required many grams of bone to produce a radiocarbon date.Routine measurements today typically require 500–1000 micrograms of carbon (μg C) to produce a high precision date.The same collagen extracts from R-EVA 1489, R-EVA 123 and R-EVA 124 were also dated at the Aix MICADAS facility to cross-check the ages Graphs showing the collagen yields from small aliquots of bone according to variations in pretreatment conditions: (a) R-EVA 123, (b) R-EVA 124 (c) R-EVA 570, (d) R-EVA 548 and (e) R-EVA 1753. In (a–d) the horizontal grey line shows the collagen yield from a large aliquot (500 mg material) of the same bone.A higher number of data points are present for R-EVA 1753 (e) as an aliquot of this bone was extracted alongside each batch of samples.

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