Dating godin guitars

This “aging” process means that every La Patrie acoustic guitar will actually sound better and better the more it’s played over time.

The necks on La Patrie guitars are carved from Honduras mahogany and feature an innovative double-function truss rod system not generally found in traditional classical guitars.

See the Factories heading a few paragraphs down for little info on guitars produced elsewhere.

This village of guitar builders is dedicated to the art & tradition of hand crafting guitars. The La Patrie series of classical nylon string acoustic guitars is comprised of seven models: The Motif, Etude, Concert, Concert CW, Presentation, Collection and Hybrid CW.Some models will never be found in the catalogs, that's just the way it is.On typical Ibanez serial numbers the first 2 digits will indicate year, or the first digit will indicate the last digit of the year, but there are also some that indicate no year at all.Copyright ©2008 Godin Guitars / Guitares Godin All rights reserved. All specifications subject to change without prior notice.Toutes les caractéristiques sont sujettes à changements sans préavis.

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