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You can visit these parks by daily organised excursions.

There are numerous interesting places and sightseeings in nearby Šibenik, Biograd and Zadar.

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The participants of the conference came from all parts of Croatia, but also from Spain, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also from the remote India.Lovely for those who do not miss the noise and the crowd of disco-clubs.Swimming area is protected, so one cannot get in danger of being injured from sky-boards or fast motor boats.Ante Čaljkušić and Petra Milković, president and vice president of the Association, respectively, emphasised that these are only some of the role models in the pro-life fight in Croatia and thanked them from their hearts for praying for all the volunteers, members of the Association ”Croatia for Life” and ”40 Days for Life”.”I am honoured for having been the part of this 2nd International Pro-Life Conference in Zagreb”, said Sue Thayer, outreach director at ”40 Days for Life”, the worldwide pro-life initiative.Sue worked for 18 years inside the abortion industry and shared in her talk dramatic events that occur on a daily basis inside the walls of the abortion clinic Planned Parenthood.”Excellent organisation, a beautiful experience and wonderfully spent time in Zagreb and Croatia!

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