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If you're looking for a man who's never met a woman, that's your scene.

Last Thanksgiving when I went to visit a former roommate, she pulled me aside to tell me about a few “holiday grenades” that dropped prior to my arrival.

If you find jeans and hoodies attractive, you will have a great dating life here.

The same thing had happened to a childhood friend when her mother passed away several years earlier.” Meetup has presented her opportunities to get together with other singles in groups for mingling, but Nancy says that the Meetup events, unfortunately, have a higher ratio of women to men.“The men are not very attractive,” she continues, “but of course, the women are all over them!Some of the men dominate the conversation with talk of their deceased or ex- wives, or talk excessively about themselves.Others have dated multiple people at the same time, which is a strategy she’s now employing to keep from getting too invested in any one person.

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