Dating of the mahabharata by dr v vartak

He has published his findings through this transcendental feat in his book , 'Scientific Explanation of the Katha Upanishad.' USA had planned to launch a spaceship to the Saturn to reach & study the planet in 2004.He, through his transcendental visit to Saturn visualized that the Saturn is a ball of three types of revolving heavy gases, having purple, yellow and black shades.Nilesh researches in astronomy, archeology, anthropology, quantum mechanics, economics, ancient narratives and philosophy. He was born on 25 th Feb 1933 at Pune, Maharashtra, India.He could tell the translation of the verse in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati.He could speak to the audience on any subject related to the spiritual science.

Advance observation by him was subsequently confirmed by NASA on 7th Sept. In yet another Astral Travel to the planet Jupiter on 27th August 1977 , he made 18 distinct observations on the Jupiter.Spaceship Voyager corroborated his 10 observations in 1979, while the remaining observations are yet to be tangibly proved, may be, through some future space program of humanity.In 1980, during his Samadhi, he saw a man on a celestial body in another Solar System .Nilesh Nilkanth Oak, is the author of “When did the Mahabharata War Happen?”, “The Mystery of Arundhati”, where he freshly evaluated astronomy observations of Mahabharata text.

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