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The hand made paper used for these prints is called Washi and made from tree bark usually taken from mulberry trees which makes it strong and capable of being soaked in water then dried.

The set of woodblocks are capable of printing a maximum of 3000 prints and the process involves soaking the Washi, painting the coloured ink pigments onto an individual carved woodblock, laying the wet Washi onto the block and rubbing the exposed back of the paper with a rounded wooden object called a Barron until the colour has been absorbed into the washi.

What has been documented is that virtually all of his known work was created between 18.

HIROSHIGE, ANDO was born in Edo in 1797 and Died in 1858.

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He was an alcoholic and playboy but created excellent scenes of everyday life, Kabuki drama and the beautiful women who had become part of his lifestyle.

Once completed this partial print is dried, usually taking about a week then the process is repeated for the next woodblock until all six woodblocks have been printed and the entire picture can be seen.

There are groupings of Japanese woodblock prints often called schools and these are: Another commonly used term for Japanese woodblock prints is Ukiyo-e.

He is one of the most highly respected of the Shin Hanga Artists.

He was published by Watanabe then Unsodo and in the late 1950s decided to only produce self published works. He was one of four artists who founded the Koryokusha co-operative publishing company in an effort to gain artistic freedom from the major houses.

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