Dating the enemy 1996

Then there is that little matter of making love....Dating the Enemy (1996) (movie): A couple wake up one morning to find they have now switched bodies.And everyone was anxious to be fresher, truer and funnier.Claudia says she played Brett "more blokey than Guy," and she praises Guy's work in Tash's character: "he wasn't a parody of a woman, he WAS a woman." They had to carefully co-ordinate the gestures of each, and Guy avoided camp gestures.But I thought, why do I have to go and do something butch?I spoke to a lot of people, and ultimately, it was a big challenge, and I believe it is very different.

Because in the new Australian romantic comedy, Dating the Enemy, Guy Pearce plays not only Brett, the charming but uncommitted half of a relationship, but also Tash, the smart but hot tempered young woman in his life.

And Claudia Karvan also plays both characters, because an extraordinary thing happens one night while they're asleep: they switch bodies.

Tash had been wishing Brett could be in her shoes, see things her way. But in the process, she is landed with his body..his job as a host on a tv music show, and his everything.

After Priscilla's success, Guy was signed to the mega-powerful ICM talent agency in Hollywood, and has had "brief, concentrated bursts" in Los Angeles, for casting talks.

After LA Confidential, he was offered another film, "but I knocked that back as it didn't feel the right thing to do...

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