Dating tips for long term relationships

This is very important but is easier said than done, after all, if you meet someone out in the real world you won’t know anything about them to begin with.

Leave it in your bag/pocket and concentrate on getting to know each other. Don’t mention your Ex Sorry, there is something worse than being on your phone! Finding out about future plans can give an insight into whether you would be compatible in the long term. If you are not a match it will never work in the long term so there are certain things to look out for when trying to meet someone to have a relationship with: 37.Mentioning an ex so early will almost certainly set alarm bells ringing for the other person as they may wonder if you are still into them or just be scared of baggage. This is a more interesting question to ask and will give you personality insights and maybe you will learn something you wouldn’t from a standard conversation. Try to find some common interests It is possible for two people to be perfectly happy without any common interests but it sure can make things easier if you do have some.If you have an ex that is still part of your life for whatever reason probably best to introduce that fact gradually. Be yourself There is no point pretending to be something you are not if you are looking for a relationship, you will get found out eventually! Common interests provide things to talk about, activities you can share and can allow for you to share friends and just generally spend more time with each other while doing something you both enjoy. Similar sense of humour – even more important than sharing interests A good sense of humour is often high on the list of characteristics for a people looking for a partner and it is a big bonus if you share a similar sense of humour. Activity levels More than most things how active you are compared to a potential partner could be very significant, people at opposite ends of the spectrum are unlikely to be a good fit in the long run.Be more realistic in what you are looking for and there will be plenty of potential candidates when you start meeting people. Learn from mistakes If past relationships haven’t worked out for specific reasons, then try to avoid making the same mistakes again. Date an established friend It can be difficult to meet someone that you know you get along with well enough to spend a large amount of time with them. Let friends set you up with someone they know This is another way to date someone that has been vetted by people you trust, your friends know you better than you know yourself and could pick the perfect match for you if given the chance. Don’t go for a bad boy / girl It may seem exciting but it will never last if you want longevity just avoid these types all together! Give people enough time to see their real personality Some people are reserved at first and for some it takes a long time to get to know the “real” them, when dating make sure you give people a chance and give them time to properly see their personality and whether it is a good match for you. Try to find people with some common interests Some say opposites attract and sometimes they probably do but it can be hard to build a long-term future with somebody you have nothing in common with.It is worth considering existing friends, you may be perfect for each other and you just never realised it. We’re not saying you need to be clones of each other but one or two common interests can really help in the long term. Don’t procrastinate It’s easy to put things off, set yourself a target for a number of dates per month until you find the right person. Play the numbers game You would have to be pretty lucky to find your soulmate of just a couple of dates.

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