Dating weatherby vanguard

The new Vanguard Series 2 rifles, on the other hand, are all guaranteed to be 1 Mo A or better out of the box. I was able to score two rounds touching, then one low but still within an inch before the rounds started drifting.Sorry about the crappy picture — when the range time is free you don’t complain about the inability to retrieve your targets.I’m starting to think they’re colluding with the accessory companies to drive sales of risers…Moving on, the trigger is also completely redesigned.This rifle also falls into line with another pet peeve among the writers here.

For comparison, here’s what the old version looked like.Weatherby Vanguard synthetic dates of manufacture are not publicly disclosed because Weatherby offers a service where you can get that info for a fee.More info on that can be found here - What I can tell you is that the Vanguard synthetic was first introduced in 1997. This rifle was designed to be fired using a scope, but the way the stock is designed means you either need to be happy with an inadequate cheek weld or get yourself a cheek riser to get your eye on the right level.I don’t get why companies can’t just make the comb of the stocks a little bit higher so I don’t need the riser.

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