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And I post in many places other then this meetup group. Here is a video of our one of our events at my studio.

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So maybe you’ve been part of the “This isn't working!Everyone seemed quite friendly and many have shared their experiences of attending on several occasions - Thanks again for inviting us to your studio & look forward to seeing you again soon. I don't want you wasting your time coming to a lame party.Rita (https:// Dating/members/80978472/)Jon does an amazing job at his events - hands down the best gathering of 50/50 men and women coming together to meet, have fun and get to know one another for friendship, networking and/or romance!! His studio is in a warehouse building and it is very quaint, the perfect setting to enjoy the comfort of an in-home gathering. Jon serves wine, soft drinks and appetizers so in essence the event is free to you! Hi We decided to cancel this event since there weren't quite enough tickets sold so far for us to be sure that it would be an awesome event. We've rented a Private Room and our own Bartender (cash bar). BALANCE OF MEN AND WOMEN My events are unlike probably any (or many) other meetup groups.Maybe you’ve joined the ever-growing crowd of people who complain about online dating as a waste of time, or a place where you’ll only meet people who have no interest in a real relationship, or even, a place to be scammed.Here’s the scoop: yes, those things are happening to people.

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