Dunhill dating

At about this same time a one year guarantee against defects was offered on the bowl of each pipe, and to insure against far older Dunhill pipes being replaced under this guarantee a simple dating code, showing the year of manufacture, was devised and stamped onto each pipe bowl. Over the ensuing years great interest has arisen over the "mystique" of the Dunhill pipe in general and the dating code in particular. :1925: NOTE: For the years 1925 through 1941 the suffix number (denoting the year of manufacture) is sometimes after the patent number and sometimes after the word ENGLAND.1926-34: As above but with annual change of suffix number 6(1926) 7(1927) 8(1928) 9(1929) 0(1930) 11(1931) 12(1932) 13(1933) 14(1934).

I had the pleasure of handling a little Dublin of his that was very similar to this "37", and I can attest that it is indeed as charming as the photos may indicate.Adding to this is the fact that the firm has used a great many special stampings depending on what part of the world to which their pipes were destined, and that sometimes these stampings or codes were used for only three or four months duration. 4 R or 3 A is introduced for the first time.1952: As above but with the suffix2 after the word ENGLAND.Leading to even greater confusion is that many pipes were simply stamped incorrectly; at times one part or another of the code is not to be found on a given pipe. "hand, worked" - A hand-carved (as opposed to machine-carved) pipe of classic design. Also, instead of DUNHILL/LONDON the finish of the pipe is stamped under the word Dunhill e.g.Shape numbers during this period had either 3, 4, or 5 digits.1978-82: In 1978 shape numbers all became five digit. Loring(9/97)Commencing business in 1893 as an auto supply house, Dunhill began producing its own oil cured briar smoking pipes in 1910. s End it is equal to the compass with the "L" and final "N" of "LONDON" being immediately below the "D" and the final "L" of "DUNHILL". In 1922 this number was changed to "2" and increased by a factor of one each year through 1925 (see standard dating code guides for years thereafter). Thus the absence of a date code can more often be more indicative of subsequent pipe buffing or factory error then of a 1920 pipe. NOMENCLATURE & EXAMPLES 1921 (actually from November 1920) - Tails and/or Code. The key distinction between 19 is that beginning in November of 1920 the "D" in the "DUNHILL" stamping is with tails. a circled 4), a stamping not found on pipes made before the ? Further in 1952 the "LONDON" stamping on Bruyere pipes made before 1952 was changed to "BRUYERE".) NOMENCLATURE & EXAMPLESSHELL1919 - 1921 - No Date Code.Also the double digit suffix number (sometimes underlined) again became smaller than the D in ENGLAND. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE PRE ? In the following decade and a half almost all the elements of the now classic Dunhill pipe line came into place, for instance the two principal finishes - a mahogany "Bruyere" and a black sandblast "Shell" - the metal ? fitting and sandblast patents, most all the classic shapes, the white dotted bit, the one year guarantee, and the associated date code stampings. MAR.9.15 they may be dated to either the 1914 or 1915 - 1918 period respectively. NOMENCLATURE & EXAMPLES BRUEYRE - SUBSEQUENT TO OCTOBER 1918October 21, 1918 - to Year? Thus if the "DUNHILL" stamping of the pipe forms a shallow arch you know the pipe was made in 1919. 1920 is the trickiest year to date since absence rather then presence are the keys, so please bear with me for some explanations. As a consequence dating a pipe to 1920 is always a judgment call and even if all the objective tests are met ultimately rests on a subjective ? As Dunhill appears to have discontinued the tails stamping sometime in 1922, a pipe having a "D" with tails? Although Dunhill applied for it's English sandblast patent in October of 1917 it was not granted until October, 1918 and it is believed that manufacture of that finish did not begin until after that grant or effectively 1919.

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