Excel formulas not auto updating

I'd like to update only the original (and currently extant) spreadsheet with loads of details.

Then the updated spreadsheet effects the calendar sheet.

On Excel 2010/2013, the old default of not updating the tables appears to prevail.

It’s actually for this reason that I covered this, as it came up as a question in my Power Query forum.

If you’re new to Power Query, chances are you’re more comfortable doing tricky mathematics using Excel formulas, rather that Power Query formulas.

No shame there, but you’ve probably run into a situation where you set up the formulas, refresh your query and the Excel formulas don’t update in Power Query 's output table.

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It is entirely based on the fact the formula in the last column is no longer consistent.

Doe John 7/23/2016 N/A Joe, Jane 7/28/2016 To Processing Unknown 7/25/2016 Started Above is the preferred data, simple and clean, it should work well within a calendar.

Apologies if this seems difficult to work through, I'm sure it would work but I haven't the faintest idea on how to realize this goal.

To be honest, I think they’ve got it right in Excel 2016, so at least it’s fixed if you’re current.

Supposing you have created a chart to track the daily sales based on a range of data in your workbook.

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