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By early 1983, it had become apparent that the processes by which the Phytotoxicology guidelines had been established to date were less than satisfactory, because they varied among contaminants, were too subjective, and could not be supported by any consistent procedure or mathematical model.

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These studies are carried out in Ontario Universities and by private research organizations and companies.

Mc Farland, Imperial Oil Limited 36 P6 Global Warming: What's Known and 37 What's Not?P4 Warming to a Crisis: The Media and 32 Climate Change; M.Knowles, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario _ A3 Interpretation of Sugar Maple (Acer 46 I saccharum) Ring Chronologies from Central and Southern Ontario using a Mixed Linear Model; D.Wixson, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, USA Panel Presentations Global Warming: What is at Stake?Bruce, 26 Chair, Canadian Climate Program Board P2 Global Warming: A Canadian 27 Perspective and Action Strategy; D, K.

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