Fire and ice boston speed dating

Remind attendees to bring a number of business cards but without telling them the reason.

Once all of the attendees have arrived, give them 15-20 minutes for fast networking, with the aim to go around, talk to each other and learn as much as they can.

Ask participants to go to the corner of the room designated to the song closest to their music preferences to determine the winning soundtrack for the event.

This is a great way for people to find others in common who may not initially look as though they like the same taste in music and can lead to great conversations and a mixed group of people.

They offer an energetic and fun idea that help with audience participation to break the ice and get everyone more involved.

These useful contacts can become powerful later collaborations and string relationships can solidify interest in your future events.Create a private event group on Facebook or host a Twitter chat to help people to get to know each other.Alternatively set up a medium where guests can create their own avatar and customize it to suit them and talk to each other in a virtual world.The attendee with the highest number of business cards at the end of the time wins a prize.As the name suggests, smart badges are a clever technology to improve networking.

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