Flashing started all operations completed firmware updating failed

The main thing that seems to avoid most installation issues is just letting the update software install Java7 on your PC, even if you already have a version of Java installed (quite possibly a later version).The software will simply uninstall the current Java software and install a fresh version of Java7. Started ODIN in windows Administrator mode, but same error. Note II-NT7100 is stuck at the boot screen, displaying just the logo and not starting up. I know one similar thread on same topic is available but that thread also doesn't have any solution.

So updating firmware generally nothing to be scared of for PC users at least.Make sure that phone booted up correctly and retry. Find your nearest Nokia authorized repair/service center, and ask them nicely if they could fix your phone for you.Flashing started Creating product data items list Product data items list created Backup not required Flashing phone Initializing Scanning image files... Loading secondary boot code: 15168 bytes Secondary boot loaded Loading update server code: 809713 bytes Update server loaded Partitioning.... Erasing complete Asic CMT: Start programming 202006 KB... Second idea: If you like the N73 so much more, there's still e Bay (someone might sell theirs for you for cheaper than a Nokia repair center will charge you for reflashing it with their tools).If you have already connected the device to the computer prior to the installation, you might have problems as the computer registers the device as unknown, and after that it gets pretty hard to make the computer disregard that. Check the software version on the device and make sure you’re not already running the version you are updating to. Hold the GR button pressed, and turn the device ON. TT685C / TT685N: Press the button and the firmware version will be displayed at the top right corner.If you’re running the latest version, there should be no reason to upgrade. Hold the MODE button pressed, and turn the device ON. AD360II-C / AD360II-N: Press the button and the firmware version will be displayed at the top right corner. Once the computer has restarted, run the installation and choose to install the drivers (even if you have installed them before).

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