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To help you navigate the dating pool in your new country, we’ve put together this helpful guide to expat dating; it aims to bust some of the myths surrounding cultural stereotypes and set the record straight – once and for all.But before you read on, we urge you to take this article with a pinch of salt; after all, it would be unfair to make sweeping generalizations about an entire nation.Most tourists are not used to riding a bike and don’t know that they can be a danger to themselves and to locals.I’ve seen them suddenly stop in the middle of the road to take a picture of a canal, ride next to each other in small streets blocking all other traffic, take the wrong way on the cycling path and get stuck in the tram rails.Between 20 the number of cyclists who were severely injured increased by 50 percent.There aren’t any official statistics on the number of bike accidents involving foreigners because the police doesn’t record the nationality of the offender and/or the victim, but the emergency room of a hospital in the city centre confirms that about 200 cases per year involve tourist-cycling accidents For reasons locals will never understand, many tourists buy tons of trashy souvenirs and products in Amsterdam.More than eight million tourists visit Amsterdam every year.

Belgium is famous for its drool-inducing fries, waffles, chocolate, and beer (hell, that’s reason enough to live there).Since it’s not possible to obtain a work visa for prostitution for foreigners, many come here illegally through organised crime networks.It is estimated that 80 percent of the prostitutes in Amsterdam are not a curious traveller, expat, Netflix addict, and food lover (the eating part, not the cooking part).When she isn’t practising ashtanga yoga or dancing it with friends, she is probably making travel plans.

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