Friend zone dating advice

But how do you introduce sexual intrigue without pushing him away?That brings us to the next step…The problem with being friends too long with a guy is that once that familiarity sets in, he’ll start to .Maybe he’s just into other types of girls or he just doesn’t think of you “like that.”Then there are cases where you might have approached him in a “let’s hang out” kind of way.He might not have understood that what you REALLY had in mind was a more-than-friends arrangement.If you try slipping under the radar as friends-first in the hopes of it being something more in the future, you’ll get just that: than friends.Worse, he might feel a little hoodwinked that your actions aren’t congruent with your words.

But you can’t fill that place in his life – not if you want to be his girlfriend, anyway.

You might think that being too forward will turn off a guy, but being clear about your feelings ISN’T the same as hitting him over the head with it.

What I’m saying is that you’ll need to get the message out there in a way that removes almost any doubt is his head that you are, in fact, into him.

To remedy that, the best thing to do is give him the signals that you DO want him to pick up.

To do that, your intentions need to be crystal-clear .

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