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He knows about a felony Niko committed, and threatens to expose it unless Niko does some work for him.Francis is part of the Mc Reary family, but his brothers - Gerry, Packie and Derrick - don't approve of his cop status and rarely keep in touch with him. Gerry is essentially the head of the Mc Reary crime family.Mikhail Faustin is a powerful and commanding figure in Liberty City, particularly in the Hove Beach area.He runs the area with an iron fist, and doesn't like to be told what to do.In the first section of the story, Niko develops a working relationship with Faustin and his associates, Dimitri and Vlad. Patrick "Packie" Mc Reary is an Irish hoodlum who is related to bent cop Francis Mc Reary, as well as the other Mc Reary brothers - Gerry and Derrick.The Mc Reary family used to have a lot of power and respect in Liberty City, but recently they have fallen out of the picture and only a few of them remain.Manny Escuela is an ex-gangster from South Bohan, who managed to transform his life and put his troubled past behind him.Now he is trying to help others do the same, and is determined to clean up the neighbourhood, the kids, and the streets of Liberty City, by leading the "St.

Playboy X is a hustler, who was introduced to Niko by Elizabeta.

He lives a lavish lifestyle, with nothing but the finest women, cars and lifestyle accessories.

If you maintain a good friendship with Brucie, eventually he will offer a free helicopter service to Niko.

He calls all the shots, and is the main representative of the family.

The Mc Reary family are currently doing work for the Pegorino family in Alderney, work which involves sabotaging a rival family known as the Ancelottis.

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