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^ The answer above is the answer released officially to the public.

As you may know, after Williams and Farro broke up, Williams began dating New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, with whom she is still in a relationship.

Before that, she dated Paramore guitarist Josh Farro for three years. im not sure about zac, Jeremy and Taylor though, sorry.... She is seen singing and head banging with them in the video also Jeremy and Zac are in it. They did date for a few years but then in 2007 they split because they wanted people to focus on their music not their relationship - and probably other reasons.

Jeremy is running round, and Zac is the one that was thrown into the pile of mattresses but i don't think josh is in it as he used to date HHayley and it might of been weird as Hayley is dating Chad Gilbert. Theyre not together now though shes dating chad Gilbert from New Found Glory It was written about her boyfriend New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert.

Sources close to Hayley have confirmed she is not a virgin and didn't specify whether it was by her current boyfriend Chad Gilbert.hayl ask PS i love you hayley willams forever from xenon gooch easton college England cambridgeshire Hayley's boyfriend, Chad Gilbert, lives in LA.When their bands aren't touring, Hayley frequently goes there to see him and her friends that live in LA.Known for ruling the world of pop-rock and pop-punk in their respective bands, sweethearts Hayley Williams (of Paramore) and Chad Gilbert (of New Found Glory) tied the knot on Saturday (February 20th 2016) at the Franklin Theater in Nashville.The two had been dating one another since 2008 before getting engaged after Gilbert proposed to Williams on Christmas Day in 2014.

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