How to mind an odia girl for sex chat

She used different types of cream and oil in her body and used Kajol in her eyes and used body spray before go to bed.After all the things she wears her night gown, very silky, from that gown her all the parts of the body becomes visible.Rahaman Got his physique from her mother side I think. He was a very weak man, rubbish fellow, was not ability to do sex properly with his tiny rod.That night I saw his complete nude body, that is a Black African body, I observed that his hair also curly just like an African Nigro man. Telling this my mom snatched the Lungi (Man used to wear) of Rahaman, he becomes completely cloth less.Telling this he was laughing, and my mom was also smiling and she also hugged him and their lips were locked instead of door lock.Her slick fair fingers with redish nail polish were holding the head of Rahaman. Rahaman’s 6 ft 2 inch healthy black body was half covered by mom’s milky fair body.Thought she may goes to bathroom, but after 20-30 mnts she had not returned.I started to think where she may go but in her night gown she never comes out from her bed room.

All these thing take so many time, so every time before mom’s coming in to bed I slept.

The rod was more black then his body and the fore head of this cock was blackish red and it was also huge and thick.

Due to Rahaman’s religion his dick was circumcised and my mom pulled the skin in the bottom of it.

I lost my father in my early age, when I was very young. After expiry of my father, my mother got the job there. She was 5.7 ft in height, her vitae was 34-28-36, her nose very sharp, with rosy lips and beautiful big black eyes, fair silky skin.

She was a gorgeous lady, very beautiful to look, very reserve in nature.

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