Inserting username password to database n validating them in php

Now, how can I include only those two values in the select clause. I've started to make a website where users can log in and submit items to a database, which is then displayed on another page.Say, Select Electrical, Main Location from table where Main location=' QLD'. If Tom and Bill both post 10 items, all 20 items will be displayed on the "listings" page, however on the main log in screen Tom will only see his own 10 items and Bill will see his own 10 items.I've not been able to write any succesful php code that 'gets' the specific order that is related to the member that has signed in. Thanks Hello, i am coding a backend portal, this portal will have staff members lets call them ' M1' and each staff member will have a client ' C1' What is the best way to put this into a database? Hi, I've currently started to modify a chat script of mine to output a moderation panel but the moderation page seems empty(blank) every time I load it.What im trying to do is to take the ID part in my URL via the $_GET and look it up in my database table in the column named id, then select that specific row to be able to retrieve the Stringy Chat_ip and place it into another table to ban the IP and the second thing im trying to do is to be able to delete the specific row from my table. id=159 and my page where I want to lookup the 159 part and do the banning etc looks like Hi guys, in my database i have the table called users, where i have 5 fields (id, username, email, password, user_level) - for the user_level field i have 2 options administrator and editor.This is all working perfectly, however, I now need to add a delete button so that they can delete specific items.

then I want to include this php file inside the header of my website..would the best way be to try to match the user's "username" stored in a $_SESSION when fetching his info, something like this: Code: [Select]So, my question is, are this actually working differently? Hi, I have created a session based logon system using php and MYSQL from some tutorials I found online which is working very one better than the other as far as security, preventing other users from hacking either on purpose or accidenally into other user's details? I can log on and of and move through different pages with no problems.However in the registration the user enters info such as their phone and email.How can I access these two fields of info from the user who is currently logged in.

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