Iphone email not updating automatically Free adult chat muds

There are multiple ways of troubleshooting when your mail app is not updating, here’s a guide on how to solve the issue.

Troubleshooting tech veterans know that many issues are connection-related.

However, I am having a problem getting mail to upload when the 'mail' icon is closed.

I am using Outlook on an exchange server and when I had my i Phone 5s, mail would happily update all the time i.e.

It must be that the IOS 8.1 upgrade has changed the settings (like with the mail fetch setting this message was first about) but that is now working and I am let with this other annoying issue.

Any suggestions about how to make these notifications work again? Go in your Voice Over settings and make sure speak notifications in lock screen is checked. And for the ones you want to here even if your device is locked make sure show in lock screen is on.

I had a similar issue with my Gmail account, and I discovered that I needed to change the schedule for fetching mail.

The Gmail account was configured to fetch, but the setting which controlled how often fetching occurred got set to manual somehow.

However, I now have to open 'mail' now before I hear the harp and the mails update.

Hello all, I have another problem with the upgrade to my new i Phone 6.

Everything works fine now and IOS 8.1 looks ok to me.

The default setting in i OS is to fetch emails hourly, but that’s really not fast enough for some users, particularly if you’re expecting something important, you’re on call for work, or if you’d just prefer to get new data as fast as possible.

There is a catch with having aggressive fetch settings however, and that is the potential to reduce battery life of the i Phone.

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