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winner Anthony and his beau of seven years, actor Tim, announced the news on Instagram and Twitter, sharing a tear-sheet below from this week’s Woman’s Day magazine. We are very excited to share this special news with you along with our friends and family. #love #gettingmarried #New Zealand”Tim shared the same post, much to the joy of their many thousands of Instagram fans and share that they’ll be marrying in New Zealand where same-sex marriage was legalised in April 2013.

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“We won’t do another wedding just because it’s legal because that’s already happened,’’ says Callea.

But at the moment I love our life and what we have together.

If we should ever change our minds, we would consider adoption because there’s so many children out there who need a loving home and a support network.” They are both fortunate to have loving families of their own who have always accepted their partners.

According to Campbell, it was important to both of them to get married exactly when they wanted to and not have to wait around until it became legal in Australia.

“A New Zealand marriage certificate is legal throughout the world except in Australia and we wanted to make it a real marriage in a beautiful place,” says Callea.

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